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Webinar Note Taking in Notion. Focus on learning, 🚫 skip the chaos.

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Are you tired of feeling lost in the sea of information after attending webinars and conferences?

Keeping track of all those notes can be such a headache πŸ“š

The frustration of juggling various files, trying to find your Zoom links, and attempting to make sense of your notes after can be overwhelming. It's like navigating a maze of information, and it's so easy to miss out on valuable insights 🀯

The knowledge ends up scattered and forgotten.

Introducing the Notion Webinar Note Taking Companion – your trusty sidekick for preparing for, taking notes during, and posting about the Webinars you attend, minus the chaos 🚫

Video: How to Use This Template

The Webinar Note Taking template includes:

βœ… A place to store your documents and files, ensuring you always have them on hand.

βœ… A designated zoom/ google meet links space.

βœ… A social media content planner + calendar with different pre-added views.

βœ… A knowledge hub to store all of your newly-adapted knowledge and tag it.

βœ… A place for your general webinar notes, emails, tasks, and more.

βœ… Intro Video to the Template to help you get started.

My hope is that this resource empowers you to navigate the apartment hunting chaos with greater ease.

🟧 By downloading this Notion template, you're not only simplifying your accommodation quest but also showing your support. If you find value in this, feel free to leave a review (!), and connect with me on Instagram @hellomarialeden πŸ™

🟩 Click the "I WANT THIS!" button for instant access to the resource and duplicate it to your Notion workspace (top right corner).

Best of luck! πŸ€

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Should there be any issues, do not hesitate to contact me and I'll be happy to provide any assistance or clarify something! β˜€οΈ

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Last updated Sep 23, 2023

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Webinar Note Taking in Notion. Focus on learning, 🚫 skip the chaos.

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