Knowledge Hub in Notion. Build your Second Brain with all of your Knowledge and Notes – In One Place.

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Do you ever find yourself drowning in a sea of notes?

It's a very common challenge in today's digital age. 100's of ideas scattered around 100 different apps.

The wealth of knowledge from Google, YouTube, Skillshare, and more is fantastic, but it often ends up forgotten and disorganised.

It's hard to actually use and apply your knowledge effectively.

Think about the time you've wasted searching for that one article, tutorial, or idea you came across weeks ago.

Switching apps and googling everything from scratch leaves you drained and unproductive.

Today, I want to introduce: ➑️

The "Knowledge Hub in Notion" – your all-in-one solution to regain control of your knowledge.

This Notion system is designed to address the chaos of scattered knowledge.

It gives you a unified platform to bring together information from Google, YouTube, Coursera, and other sources (you can add your own!).

No more endless scattered notes.

Video: How to use this template

This is:

🟩 A place to Collect and Centralise

The "Knowledge Hub" template offers a dedicated space to collect, categorise, and centralise your knowledge. Create distinct categories (areas) and subcategories (sub-areas) of knowledge. With a few clicks, you can organise and structure your notes in a logical and streamlined way.

🟩 Searchable Knowledge Hub

Imagine having a central searchable knowledge hub at your fingertips.

It’s like searching through your brain. Easily locate any piece of knowledge, quote, idea, or resource within seconds. No more endless scrolling and wasting time. Your knowledge is finally accessible and actionable.

🟩 Effortless Note-taking

You can add a new note in the right category with a click of a button. Use this template for general note-taking, jotting down ideas, and much more.

It's your personal space and you can make it to what you need it to be.

The Knowledge Hub template includes:

βœ… A centralised place for all of your notes, documents, ideas, and inspiration.

βœ… 4 organised databases with example knowledge entries and multiple database views.

βœ… Intro Video to the Template to help you get started.

Ready to regain control over your knowledge?

Click the "I WANT THIS!" button now for instant access to the template and duplicate it into your Notion workspace (top right corner).

πŸ€ I wish you the best of luck in building your second brain and achieving your goals!

My goal is simple:

I want to empower you to build your second brain – a comprehensive repository for all your valuable knowledge.

No more feeling overwhelmed or disheartened by the lack of organisation.

🟧 By downloading this Notion template, you're not just streamlining your learning / knowledge management journey, but also showing your support, so thank you very much β˜€οΈ

If you find value in this, feel free to leave a review (!), and connect with me on Instagram @hellomarialeden πŸ™

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Should there be any issues, do not hesitate to contact me and I'll be happy to provide any assistance or clarify something! β˜€οΈ

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Last updated Sep 23, 2023

Build a Second Brain for storing and searching through your knowledge on all topics in Notion. ⬆️ Click the button above to access your new essential resource now.

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Knowledge Hub in Notion. Build your Second Brain with all of your Knowledge and Notes – In One Place.

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