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Mentor Calls Management Template [Notion Template]

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➡️ Need to prepare for your next mentor call?

Crush the pre-call prep work with my FREE Mentor Call Management Notion Template.

I know how important mentor calls are for growth, and I suggest having a system in place from the start to store all of your questions, tasks, resources for before or after the calls.

This template streamlines the process, helping you structure your thoughts, write down key points, and prepare your questions in advance.

My mentorship platform of choice is Growth Mentor. You can use my referral link if you like:

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Here's what my Mentor Call Prep Template offers:

Structured sections for outlining goals, key topics, discussion points, and questions for your mentor.

Space to track tasks and resources

✅ A way to ensure you get the most out of your valuable mentor time.

➡️ Download this FREE Mentor Call Prep Template today and turn your mentor calls into growth opportunities!

🟧 Level up your skills, and if you find the template helpful, do leave a review!

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🟩 Click "Download Now" to grab your template and rock your next mentor call!

Best of luck in your journey!

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Mentor Calls Management Template [Notion Template]

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