Ace the IELTS: Unlock Band 8 in 2024 with the Notion Template Bundle - Everything you need to know!

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Are you struggling to pass the IELTS exam and achieve the score you need to get into your dream university? ✨
➡️ Look no further!

Don't waste your time and money creating your own study plan from scratch, like I had to.

With my IELTS Academic Home base, you'll have access to a comprehensive Notion Page that guides you through everything you need to know about the IELTS exam, from the best resources to how and what to study.

The template also includes 4 additional pages that cover the Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Writing parts of the exam in detail, providing you with actionable tips, useful vocabulary, resources, structures, and everything else you need to succeed!

I created this template after taking 10+ private lessons with a tutor and listening to many podcasts and YouTube videos to prepare for my own IELTS exam. Currently, I am finishing up my Master's at Trinity College Dublin, and I wouldn't have been here if not for passing my IELTS exam.

By organizing everything I learned in Notion, I achieved a Band 8, and I'm confident this template will help you do the same! 💪 My template is the result of hours of research and hard work, and it will save you time and energy as you prepare for your exam.

🟧 By purchasing this template, you are not only investing in your own future, but also supporting me and my hard work.

If you find this template helpful, do send me a DM and follow me on Instagram @hellomarialeden 🫶

Don't miss out on this opportunity to easily pass the IELTS exam and achieve your academic goals.

🟩 Click the "I want this" button to download your copy today and get started on your journey to success! Get yours today and don't forget to leave a review ❤️

Best of Luck!!

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Last updated Aug 31, 2023

Achieve your dream score on the IELTS Academic test with this template bundle. Limited Availability.  ⬆️  Click the button above to download now.

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Ace the IELTS: Unlock Band 8 in 2024 with the Notion Template Bundle - Everything you need to know!

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