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Manage Google Ads Campaigns [Notion Template]

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Are you switching between documents and spreadsheets to keep your search and display campaigns organized?

I have a better solution - a streamlined Notion template designed specifically for managing manual CPC campaigns.

This template has helped me a lot in keeping an overview on which campaigns and ad groups are active or paused, which keywords I’m bidding on and what changes I’m making.

With this template, you can:

✅ Centralize all your sitelink, headline, description and callout texts

✅ Neatly organize target URLs, tracking templates and custom audiences

✅ Structure your campaigns & ad groups for easy access

✅ Maintain a detailed change log to track optimizations over time

✅ ...and more!

No more endless digging through scattered documents. This template keeps everything you need for your manual Google Ads campaigns in one place, allowing you to stay focused and organized.


During my Masters at Trinity College Dublin, I learned how to set up extremely targeted, manual Google Search Ad campaigns.

After trying dozens of templates, nothing seemed to work for my workflow though. Until I, of course, have built something of my own in Notion: )

Do try it out and let me know what you think!

Watch a short video demo of how to use this template:

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Last updated May 12, 2024

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Manage Google Ads Campaigns [Notion Template]

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